Full Episodes

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Season 1

Episode 1- Pilot

Episode 2- The Thing You Love Most

Episode 3- Snow Falls

Episode 4- The Price of Gold

Episode 5- That Still Small Voice

Episode 6-  The Sheperd

Episode 7- The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Episode 8- Desperate Souls

Episode 9- True North

Episode 10- 7:15 AM

Episode 11- Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Episode 12- Skin Deep

Episode 13- What Happened to Frederick

Episode 14- Dreamy

Episode 15- Red Handed

Episode 16- Heart of Darkness

Episode 17- Hat Trick

Episode 18- The Stable Boy

Episode 19- The Return

Episode 20- The Stranger

Episode 21- An Apple as Red as Blood

Episode 22- A Land Without Magic